20 February 2013

Meet Kristyn + Get Fit!

Kristyn from Chits & Giggles!

Hello there, The Charming readers.  I would like to share my weight loss journey with you today.  I hope you guys are ok with that.  Weight has been something I have recently been struggling with and I finally made the decision to do something about it.

I started Weight Watchers about 2 weeks ago.  I struggled for a really long time if I should join or not.  I had tried free apps to help you track your food, but they didn't really work for me.  I knew I had to do something though, especially after Jeremy proposed.  

When I walk down the aisle, I want to feel the best "me" I can.  And that means losing some weight.  So, I finally decided to start WW.  My ultimate goal is to lose about 20lbs before wedding day.  It's very doable and I know I can get there...I just knew I needed some help.

Let me tell you a little bit about why I think WW works:

1.  It's easily accessible.
I am doing the online only option.  I don't go to meetings or anything like that, but I still feel like I am getting the full WW experience.  I can log on from my computer at home or use the app that is free to me if I need to.  

2.  Restaurants 
The Tracker tool and the app makes going out to eat so so easy.  Yes, it takes a little bit of planning, but it really is so simple to do.  Simply search for what restaurant you are going to and then see how many points each item is.  Could it be any easier?  The WW Website says that if you go out to eat, you have to know what you are getting before you get there.  This is key and huge.  Don't open that menu.  You did the research ahead of time, so use that.  Trust that.  The food will be delicious...remember that.

3.  It's easy to understand.  
Once you sign up you are given your daily points.  These are for when you are tracking how much you eat during the day.  You also get Weekly Points that you can use anyway you wish.  Think of them as rollover points or safety points.  If you go over your points one day, no big deal.  It will just deduct from your Weekly point allowance.

4.  The apps
Holy my goodness these apps are awesome.  I honestly think they are the reason I can stay on this plan for the long haul.  Let me explain.  I use 2 apps.  The Tracker app which is just like the Tracker on the computer.  So, you can track your food while you are on the go.  I love this because you aren't always by a computer, but can still keep up with things.  (The free apps out there are similar to WW in this regard).

The 2nd app is probably my favorite.  It's the Scanner app.  Not everything is endorsed by WW, so tracking the points can be hard.  Well...not any more.  This scanner app is so amazing.  First, it's free to users.  Second, you can easily scan a bar code (UPC code) at the grocery store to know exactly how many points it is.  Cool right?  Um..yea!  And even cooler is that after you scan it and it shows you the point total, you can add it to your Tracker app by a push of a button.  Simple and easy.  This is truly the easiest weight loss app out there.  Scan, tap, and it's tracked.  Amazing!

I could go on and on about why I think WW is the best weight loss solution out there, I really could.  But I don't want to bore you guys.  So, if you are contemplating joining and have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  I love comments and try to respond to each one!

Oh, you want to know my progress? 

Well.  I won't tell you my starting weight, but I will say that I am already down 8.6lbs since I started 2 weeks ago.  That's 2 weeks worth of tracking and it's making a huge difference in the scale.  I weigh every morning and I can say that the scale is down again already so this thing works!  

A sidenote:  I know that this number will not always be this high.  I also know that each of us is different and we all lose weight at different paces.  I am in NO way trying to make you feel like you are doing something wrong.  You aren't!  Keep up what you are doing.  I also know that my weight will probably hit that icky plateau eventually and I will be stuck.  I am pretty excited for how well it's going so far though.

I was also not endorsed by WW to provide a post.  I pay them each month like everyone else.  I received no compensation from them for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I try to keep in shape by running, yoga and body pump classes.

  2. Jillian : Ripped! Love her! I usually try to walk 2 miles a day.. I know it's not much but it is helping me stay off the couch! xo

  3. I just started running recently, but with the weather lately I could definitely use a video to do inside.

  4. The only thing that gets me to run is my Couch to 10k app! :) Love that thing!!

  5. Being a former dancer I would probably go with the Ballet Beautiful dvd. That sounds awesome!

  6. Definitely Jillian's Shred It With Weights! Jillian is my homegirl!

  7. keeping active & on the go. ( :

  8. She sounds great! Can't wait to check out her blog.

  9. I'd try Jillian's Ripped in 30!


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