15 February 2013

Meet Brittany of The Sapphire Bee!

Hello! I am Brittany Michelle, former hairstylist and makeup artist turned business owner, blogger and housewife in training. You can currently find me sharing way too many details about myself at The Sapphire Bee Blog and running The Sapphire Bee boutique where I create fun and quirky accessories from hand. I live just outside San Francisco in Northern California's Bay Area with my musician boyfriend. When I am not blogging or crafting you can find me in the kitchen whipping up some pinteresting treats or traveling the world! I love making new friends and I am super excited to be here on The Charming to share a little bit of me with you! 

1. Why did you start TSB?
Working in the beauty industry you wear a lot of black and I began crafting and making accessories to breathe color and life into my depressing wardrobe. All of the pieces and collections in my shop are very much inspired by my own fashion sense -- many times I will make something for myself and it will morph into something that you see in the shop. The idea to open a shop happened after a lady tried to buy a necklace I had made off me on the subway. After that the shop as you see it today began to take shape. 

2. Why did you stop being a hairstylist and a make up artist?
I got into the industry when I was 16 and I have achieved more as a makeup artist than I ever dreamed I would, but somewhere along the way the spark burnt out and it wasn't fulfilling me the way it once did. In 2009 my mom was diagnosed with cancer and it was a huge reality check -- so I took some time off to figure out what I wanted to do. I went to back to school, I traveled a lot, and tried my hand at many things. I still do makeup and hair on the side, and work red carpet/special events from time to time because I could never leave the industry completely -- it's a part of who I am. One of the goals is to  incorporate more beauty into my blog -- after all hair and makeup are accessories too! 

3. Describe your perfect Saturday.
Sitting on a warm beach with the latest fashion magazines and no cell phone, just drowning in the day and the sun.

4. Brag about San Francisco.
The Chinese fortune cookie was invited here in a Japanese tea garden, and it's also the birth place of denim jeans. There are over 300 coffee shops within the city limits and Irish coffee was invented here. It ranks 4th in the world in terms of billionaires that call it come. The computer mouse was invented in the bay area and the picture of the rolling hills against the blue sky which is the default wallpaper on Windows XP was shot in Napa Valley. There are so many fun and different areas in San Francisco to explore, from Fisherman's Wharf to Union Square -- the city is filled with interesting facts, landmarks and tourist attractions! To me San Francisco is the west coast New York City only with better weather! 

5. Any travel tips? 
I like to pack small ziplock bags with all my accessories for each outfit -- it ensures that necklaces don't get tangled up together and that I have everything I need to look my best! 

Or places you've loved visiting.
My boyfriend and I recently took a cruise to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. I would like to go on more cruises -- if you've never been on one, its an awesome way to travel plus its all inclusive! The place that I loved visiting the most was Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, I would really love to go back there!! 

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