28 February 2013

Bows, buns, SweetApple: a coffee day date

Cardigan: Charming Charlie; white 3/4 sleeve top: Forever 21; skirt: pick your plum deal; bow: Aidie's Hideaway on Etsy
On Sunday, Mr. Charming and I went to try out a new local coffee & donut shop called SweetApple Coffee & Donut.  He'd be craving a donut and I am up for anything new-- plus I've been so exhausted lately (still trying to recover from an illness) that coffee sounded like perfection.

So, we popped on over to SweetApple to discover that they (a) have fresh brewed local coffee (Rev) and (b) have both yeast (traditional) and cake donuts!  What a fun surprise!  They also have delicious pig-in-a-blankets.  We chose to each have a cup of jo for ourselves to try the local brew, I had a chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles (though I wanted a few others, I opted for a traditional favorite for the first visit), husband had a cinnamon twist, and we shared a pig-in-a-blanket and milk.  It was all so delicious and such a cute set up in the shop!


  1. That place looks like so much fun!! We'll have to go visit there! ....you look adorable, by the way!

  2. OMG! Everything looks fantastic! I'm addicted to sweets. Love your hair.

    Have a great weekend! :)


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