06 February 2013

All you Northwesterners out there...

Husband and I are super excited to be going to Portland (OR), Seattle (WA), and Vancouver (BC) for my graduation/one-year-anniversary/lets-do-something-awesome extravaganza celebration thing this summer.  This is where YOU come in.  We have booked Portland and Vancouver hotels, but we are stuck on where to stay in Seattle (apparently there are many districts? and hence why this post is going up in February because Seattle is already booking up!) and then we want to know what you think we should see and do and places we should eat (we are total foodies)!

Keep in mind:
  • We are foodies
  • I will have my camera + 3-4 lenses (most of the time)
  • We like adventure and the outdoors
  • We love culture and history
  • Neither of us care about shopping

If you live, have lived, or have visited these places, let me know what we should be doing!  I think we are more excited about this trip than our trip to Hawaii (though that was fun, don't get me wrong).  We would love your input! :)


  1. I lived around Seattle when I was little and you HAVE to go to Puget Sound and experience the fish markets. Other than that, I have no ideas, but I REALLY wish I could go with you! I miss it!

    1. Puget Sound, fish markets = check!

      Those sound amazing. :)

      Thanks for your feedback! We are super excited!

  2. Oh you're going to LOVE Seattle! My friend lives there and I've been up to visit her several times. She lives in the Queen Anne district which is a very cool area and within walking distance to transportation that will take you all over Seattle. I'm not sure about places to stay around there, but you definitely have to spend some time at the Puget Sound/Market area. That's my favorite place there.

    1. I have been wanting to go to Seattle for a long long time. I'm super excited to add it to our little road trip! :) Everyone keeps talking about Puget sound and the fish markets. I guess that's a definite must see! I've looked at B&B's in the Queen Anne district, we don't want to necessarily have a car while we spend time in the city, so close access to transportation is awesome!

      Thanks for helping!!!!!!!

  3. I live in Vancouver. If you are looking for some things to do... Whistler is about 2 hours from Vancouver, and a really great place to go on a day trip. It's better to go on a nice day so you can enjoy the scenery on the way up there, and while you are up there. The Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver is really cool to see, and also Grouse Mountain in North Van. You take a gondolla up the mountain, can have lunch, walk around, hike, etc.

  4. I lived in Seattle for 25 years before moving to New York city - still consider the PNW my home!

    I personally recommend staying in the Westin downtown - they have fantastic views of the sound - panoramic too! As for places to go/things to do/restaurants to eat at:

    Fancy Restaurants =
    Steak: The Metropolitan Grill
    Seafood: Anthony's Pier 66

    Yummy food =
    Ivar's Seafood (clam chowder in a sourdough breadbowl yum, or halibut and chips!)

    Flight Museum is really cool - make sure if you go you get some dehydrated ice cream. Seattle aquarium is meh, Pacific Science Center is a blast - so is the Imax there or the Laser shows they have in the evenings. Seattle Center has all kinds of different fairs and events - plus rides. There is now a Ferris wheel on the water front - and I would definitely recommend a visit there, stop into the Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe. Visit Pike Place Market and the original Starbucks store.

    Both the Woodland Park and Point Defiance Zoos are great. If you are up for taking a very fun cultural excursion - look into a cruise to Tillamook Island - they have packages that include a show and tour and you'll see all the native american culture, plus enjoy delicious wood-plank cooked salmon (amazing!).

    For a surreal hiking experience venture southwest to the Olympic National Rain Forest - the trees are epic - covered in blankets of hanging moss - its amazing!

    Have a blast!

  5. I live in Portland!
    Places I suggest visiting: Multnomah Falls, Portland Japanese Gardens, Blue Star Donuts, Stumptown Coffee, Portland waterfront, Farmer's market

    1. Ah! Thanks! Our original trip was just going to be to Seattle & Vancouver. But a few years ago, I learned about Portland and some of it's appeal to youth and outdoorsy people so I always wanted to visit. However, it wasn't until my hairdresser said it wasn't far from Seattle that I decided it was a place we just had to add on to the trip. My husband had no complaints, apparently Portland is a must see for him and he's excited, too! Thanks so much for the recommendations!!! I'm adding them to my list!

  6. Welcome to my home!!! The Roosevelt Hotel is really nice, a friend stayed there and its right in downtown. Seattle has so much to do, honestly. Make sure you eat at Gordon Beirch (sp?). Its at the top of a mall right across the street from the hotel and like my friend is saying in my ear "Make sure you try out the strawberry cheesecake." I personally like the garlic fries.

    Places to see in Portland.. If you are a reader (or your husband) check out Powell's Bookstore. World's largest bookstore and its awesome. There's Voodoo Donuts. Some amazing donuts and there is an awesome place called Slappy Cakes where you make the pancakes at your table. :D

  7. The Space Needle in Seattle is must see as well as Pike's Place. Voodoo donuts in Portland is a must and BC is gorgeous -- I was there for work but I did a harbor boat tour and it was awesome. The PNW is gorgeous you will love it! But after this vacation you should plan a trip San Francisco :)

  8. I've lived north of Seattle my whole life, so let's see if I can help a bit...just a couple of tips.

    (Sorry I can't recommend any hotels...I've never stayed in one around here, since this is my backyard!)

    I wouldn't dare recommend any specific places, because I don't know your tastes. But I can give you some general areas of interest: Market Street in Ballard, especially if you're willing to go off the beaten path a bit, has some terrific food and historic buildings. Queen Anne Hill is cute and has some fun food. If you're looking for something a bit more touristy, there's always Pike Place Market in downtown which is always bustling. Fremont is a great area and super eccentric..."the center of the known universe", in fact. The great thing about Seattle is that you're never far from the water, so anywhere you go you'll be likely to see the Sound (Puget, that is).

    Also, quick note: People may look at you askance if you say "districts". We prefer the term "neighborhoods"...Queen Anne, Ballard, Fremont, Belltown, Green Lake, etc are all neighborhoods. We're a patchwork city, for sure, and proud of it. ;)

    Hope you have a terrific time while you're here!!


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