17 January 2013

Meet Breenah of By Breenah

Hi, I'm Breenah and I blog at By Breenah. I'm honestly not sure what I was hoping to accomplish when I started my blog. Now, however, I'm just looking for a place to write about whatever I want to. I love writing about my daughter and sharing pictures of her. That is mostly what my blog consists of, but there are other things too. Sometimes recipes and crafts, sometimes fashion, sometimes just whatever I happen to be thinking when I'm on my computer. I try to be funny and honest on my blog. I succeed at the honesty and who knows with the comedy. I think I'm funny and that's what matters, right? I love meeting new people and would love it if you'd come by to say hi or hola or howdy or whatever greeting you prefer.

1. You're a SAHM & wife, what do you do for your "me" time? 
Blogging usually. I also try to get my nails done every once in a while. 

2. You married your high school sweetheart!  What is something your husband has taught you?
Definitely how to see myself as beautiful even when I'm not feeling it. He's also got a pretty good sense of humor that's rubbed off on me. 

3. How do you get inspired (maybe for writing blog posts or something else)? 
Usually Quinn's the basis of my blog posts so she inspires me and she doesn't even know it!

4. What are some goals that you have for 2013?To do all the things I keep putting off; eating healthy, exercising, doing more active stuff with Quinn.

5. What's the best thing about being a mom/having a daughter?
Right now it's just how adorable and loving loving she is. I'm so looking forward to being able to bond with her and see how her personality develops and what she starts liking.

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