22 January 2013

Embrace your inner...


I am 100% in love with all things Star Wars.
You might have first noticed my obsessionlove with this Friday Finds post back in September.  We own all six movies and don't really have a favorite, or not one that wins by a landslide.  I have two text tones and one ring tone from the movies (R2-D2 as my main text tone, Chewbacca as husband's text tone, and husband's ringtone is the Star Wars theme song).  I do have a small stuffed Chewbacca from one of my first birthdays with Mr. Charming.

And I am trying to convince my family that we should all have a Star Wars themed birthday party for me this year (since I'm turning my favorite number): mom = Padme, dad = Anakin or Darth Vader (his choice), brother = Luke, husband = Han, grandfather = Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidius or Obi Wan (his choice), me = Leia (not the bikini outfit, sorry, expect buns and a white robe).  Don't worry, in-laws, you are under no obligation to participate.  But, do expect Shelby (our dog) to be Yoda.  So far, I just get laughed at...  I think it would be fun...

I play a MMORPG.
What does that mean, some of you may ask?  It means massively multiplayer online role-playing game. No, it's not Second Life (though I hear great things about that).  Though my brother hates the game that I play, I love it.  My husband got me on to it because he knows how much I like games.  Another story, when I was little I was in love with the game Doom.  My brother would play it, but I was forbidden by my mother.... apparently husband really liked it, too! Speaking of which....

I love games, and not just your average, run of the mill, boardgames (though I do love me some Taboo).
My brother has introduced us to some fabulous games like Dominion, 7Wonders, Agricola.  I am ready to play Settlers of Catan!  Did I ever tell you the first time I ever talked to my husband was over a card game?

I am currently into fantasy fiction.
I just completed all the books and one novella in the Iron Druid Chronicles, and I highly recommend it.  My brother recommended to me a new series that I'm giving a chance: the Mistborn series, if you're interested how it is, I'll let you know!


  1. I LOVE Star Wars too, I have already okay'd my boyfriend's wish to have the imperial march play when he goes into the church for our wedding, (although I am more a rebel than an imperial he is a HUGE Vader and Empire fan)
    I play a MMORPG too, it's actually SWTOR!

    1. That's too fun! Husband and I have Star Wars mugs, one rebel themed, one imperial themed. He insists on having the rebel because is has yoda on it. Though I prefer the rebel side more, I do like the imperial side with the stormtrooper outfits, Vader, and the Death Star.

      How is SWTOR?? I don't play that, I currently play WoW (Yes, outdated, but I like it until I am done). I hear such great things about SWTOR, though, and might try that next!

  2. When I was dating my ex, I would ALWAYS play Settlers with him and his friends. I got pretty darn good, if I do say so myself :)

  3. My husband plays SWTOR and really likes it. I'd like it if it wasn't so flippin' expensive, but he does let me design his characters sometimes :)


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