10 December 2012

Ten on Ten

  1. I love the holidays because of the memories.
  2. When it's a cold day outside, I just want to cuddle up in bed with my husband and our creatures. Though, if it's snowing (which it most likely is not in Atlanta), then I'll be outside with my camera and my dog.
  3. I'm secretly hoping I get an Erin Condren planner and a new camera purse for Christmas/Hanukkah.
  4. The person that's the hardest to shop for: my brother and my mom, they both buy what they need throughout the year, so you have to get creative for holidays and birthdays. 
  5. The person I finished shopping for first: my dad.
  6. I started / will start shopping: finished.  I got really excited this year.  First time, ever.
  7. My favorite holiday memory was when --- I'll get back to you.
  8. The best holiday tradition that we have is well, we really don't have too many traditions.  Christmas breakfast?  But it's a sausage egg mixture so it's not really my favorite.  It's more about the time together.
  9. I plan on ending the year with a bang / whisper by we have no plans yet.... but knowing my husband we will probably figure it out last minute.  I'm okay with that =)
  10. During the holidays you can find me in Georgia -- we aren't going anywhere.  My family is north Atlanta suburbs and his family is in eastern Georgia.
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  1. I love the holidays because of memories and how I make them by spending time with my family. Great blog, I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. If you don't get an EC planner you HAVE to buy one! They're amazing!!

  3. Hey! I'm a new follower from Messy Dirty Hair. I love this link up!



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