02 November 2012

Support From Sandy


Hello, friends!  I want to help give back to those in the Northeast affected by Sandy.  It breaks my heart hearing about these stories from those in the Northeast.  Did you hear about the mom who lost her two children because they were swept away by a wave when she was trying to get out of the city?  I can not even begin to imagine.

So I thought we could all get together and donate even just $1 a person.  I want to be able to make one large (or even medium) sized donation to help support recovery in the Northeastern states.  I initially wanted to take donations and make a care package, but I think it's better to just give the money to people that know what they are doing, like FEMA or the American Red Cross.

So, here's the link to donate.  I will leave it up for the month of November and then anonymously send the donations as one for Thanksgiving.  Of course this may be something I'm promoting on my blog, but it is from the hearts of this wonderful blogging community.  I'm so amazed by all the bloggers I meet and talk to, you all really inspire me and I just know that we can all get together and help those in need.  Feel free to donate what you can, even if it's as little as $1 or $2.  Because for families that lost everything, I'm sure anything means everything, especially during these upcoming winter days.


  1. Hi! Such a great idea! I just donated some money and I hope others do too!

    Have a great weekend!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. thanks for much for doing this. I live in NJ.


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