05 November 2012

Monday Inspiration

Did you hear about the NICU nurses at NYU hospital who had to manually breathe for the babies as the hospital lost it's power and had to be evacuated?  20 babies who each had a nurse and a team of five others to help make sure that baby survived long enough to get to the next hospital.  Now, I know there are so many beautiful stories like this from Hurricane Sandy, but this one struck home as I've been working in the NICU and know that some of those sweet babies have so much hooked up to them, they are in isolettes (special beds with hoods), they are receiving continuous fluids / treatment / medications / etc.  Some of them are so young and immature that their skin is translucent.  To transport them in a major storm?  I can't even imagine.  I pray that I am able to be as quick on my feet if I ever go through this.  These nurses needed to work together and work very quickly and efficiently.  They have to put all their thoughts behind them -- loved ones, if they have time to grab their purses, etc -- and take a patient who is in critical condition and move.  Any hospital worker -- nurse, doctor, tech, environmental services -- they all get together in these situations and somehow work together.  I talked about this again when I discussed the first time I witnessed a code.  It's beautiful how well teamwork comes in to play. 

Read more about the NICU nurses here.

Teamwork isn't just important in the hospital setting.  When faced with a national disaster, teamwork is everywhere.  People stop their individual-based mindsets, and ask others what they need help with.  It's powerful.  And, as I mentioned yesterday, it's so humbling witnessing those who are facing the disaster and have it right in their backyards still asking what more they can do?  I'm reminded of some saints like Blessed Mother Teresa who, at the end of the day with nothing monetary to offer, still asked others what more she could do to help -- even when there wasn't a national disaster.  

Sometimes it is so hard to look outside ourselves and it may take something as devastating as a major tropical storm or a terrorist attack.  And that's okay.  We have to be selfish sometimes after all, right?  It's healthy and necessary sometimes.  But knowing when to put yourself aside for the good of others, the community, or humanity, that's not only beautiful, powerful, and necessary, that's a real challenge.

Thank you to the men and women who put others first
in the face of great challenges, whether it was during
wartime, 9/11, Katrina, Sandy, and everything in between.


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  2. Oh my goodness, that story is amazing. I have a friend who has two little babies born at 26 weeks in the NICU (not in the hurricane area) and I hadn't even thought about those little ones and how they would be evacuated. I am so grateful for people who put other people first. Thank you for linking up today with Medical Monday's, I am excited to follow along!

  3. I read that story about the NICU nurses, too. It blew me away! I'd bet that you'd do the same were you put in that position. (Hopefully you'll never have to!!) Nurses seem like naturally selfless people to me.

    I'm always amazed by the selflessness of others during tragedies. I like to think that I'd respond the same, but I guess you don't know until you experience something of that magnitude.

  4. This is a very inspirational story - when I thought about the hurricane this just didn't occur to me but those nurses are truly amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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  5. very inspiring...

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  6. That is incredible. Working in the NICU alone is an act of heroism, much less doing so and keeping calm under these circumstances. Thank God for them!

  7. Such a great post. I'm your newest follower and would love for you to stop by.

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  8. this is such a great story! thanks for sharing it. cute blog, we are your new followers! XO chaseandem.blogspot.com


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