04 November 2012

Counting My Blessings #13

This upcoming holiday season.
My family got bigger this past June.  God blessed me with such an amazing family and then he double blessed me with more family.  And I get to celebrate the holiday season with my husband, my old family, and my new family.  But, this year, we worked things out to wear husband and I don't have to be apart -- yay!  I hate being apart from him, and if it were any other year I'd suck it up and we'd go our separate ways to spend time with our families, but it's our first holiday season together as a married couple.  

Getting together with good friends.
I have this very dear friend that I rarely see because we are both so busy.  I was blessed to have our paths cross on Friday and we were able to go get lunch together.  It was hands down the highlight of my week.

The weather.
Though I feel awful saying this, but fortunately we were not impacted by Sandy.  I know millions of people were and my heart and prayers go out to them.  Georgia was supposed to get rains and wind, but we just got the wind.  I am blessed that Georgia did not get hit because now so many Georgia residents are flying up to the northeast to lend their services.  That makes me proud of my fellow Georgians.  If I weren't in nursing school, if I were already a registered nurse, I would head up there myself and see what I can do.  Until I have that ability, I'm helping in the way I can, by collecting donations.

To the charitable readers who have already donated money to #SupportFromSandy.
I know this may seem like a "plug," but it's a good cause.  I'd love for us all to get together to help make an impact.  Some of the people donated are even from the northeast!  How beautiful!  I'm also adding to my donation pool 50% of my proceeds from advertising.  And with the coupon code NOVEMBER you get 20% off.  Think about it.  =)

That today is Sunday.
Though to many this is the last day of "fun," "relaxation," "etc," but that's only extra incentive to precious these moments you have with whomever you are spending your time with today -- even if it's just yourself.  Me time is incredibly important!


  1. Thanks for collecting donations. I am from NJ and have family in NY - anything you raise is much appreciated. Most lost everything.

  2. I am very excited for the holiday season too!

    I am an RN! When do you graduate?



  3. That's awesome that you and your husband get to spend the holidays together this year! My husband's job requires him to work some holidays every year--I'm not looking forward to the year that I have to celebrate Christmas without him! But in the meantime I'll enjoy whatever holidays we do get to spend together! And days of rest and relaxation are so sweet and precious, they should definitely be enjoyed to the fullest!


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