25 October 2012

Meet Rima!

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Hi Charming Readers!! This is Rima from Bolu by Rima! I'm so glad that Amy gave me the opportunity to write a guest post for y'all today. 

What I'm gonna talk to you today? Friendship. Or in my case, Sisterhood. We call ourselves, Cha-Cha Family. Honestly, I don't know why we picked that name! Haha I can't remember!

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I've been friends with these 5 ladies since Elementary School. Well actually one joined in Junior High. I moved to Indonesia when I was 7, so in 2nd grade I met 4 girls who turned out to be my "sisters". Then in Junior High, all 5 of us went to the same school and met our "Sister" no. 6! 

After Junior High, that was when we all splited up. 2 remained in the same school (we went to an SDA Academy, so they continued high school there), I moved on to a public school, 1 moved to another public school and 2 moved overseas to America. God works in mysterious ways, I say. Who would've thought, years later, after school, college, careers, marriage and babies, all 6 of us would still be friends? 
Thanks to the technology called the Internet and Social Media, we were able to keep in contact. We even started our own forum so we can catch up with our lives (this was before facebook was born!)... 

Then through out the years, the rest of the 4 (including me) decided to slowly migrate to America. You couldn't believe how happy we were to be in the same "continent" again... Yet, we're still separated. Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Tustin, CA; Solvang, CA; Seattle, WA; Denver, CO; and Morenci, AZ!

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But as life goes on, for some reason it was difficult for us to be reunited and have all 6 of us in the same room despite being in the same land! As for as a reunion goes, we were only able have 5 of us in a room for 2 of our weddings.  
Dinda, Melissa, JeJe, Morisa & Me. Nia was missing because she was still in Indonesia :(
JeJe, Nia, Melissa, Morisa & Me. Dinda was missing because she couldn't get time off :(
Then 2 of my sisters had babies (Nia & Melissa) and even with that we weren't able to have all 6 of us there to see our first borns. 

Not until Nia's baby boy, Cam, turned 1, where she decided to have his 1st birthday party in California (holla!) and we ALL agree to finally have our reunion. And I tell you, it was one of the best moments of my life. Finally to see all 6 of us in the same room, the feeling was surreal. When were taking our pictures (even our families were excited for all of us), some of us wanted to cry because of the love and joy we all felt being together...
Top picture was the last picture of us together back in 1999. Bottom picture was taken in Oct 2012. Finally!
Sometimes family don't have to be blood related, right? How about you? Do any of you have childhood best friends? XOXO, Rima


Awh, thanks Rima!  This was such a wonderful post because my family has always believed that family isn't always about blood.  We have people in our lives who act just as they would if we were blood and who we love exactly as if they were our family and as if we were obligated to!  We can't choose our family and, at least in my case, blood relation doesn't dictate who it's healthy for us to be around, but that's why God blesses us with beautiful friends in our lives to help fill in the gaps where it's needed!  

Rima, I am super glad you got this opportunity back in October to meet your lifelong family!  Thanks for sharing!!!  

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Love, A


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