31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

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Hey friends!

I'll be back real soon.  I am working hard on things for the Charming Holiday magazine that is launching November 19!  I have a few things planned for the blog and I've had a lot of things going on both personally, with school, and with work (including picture editing and getting some blog designs done!).  So, I'll be back starting fresh on Monday!

If you have any fashion / style / work-life balance / general / other questions for Anya Sarre, comment them in Monday's post.  She agreed to do a Q&A post for us!  Super exciting, she's pretty awesome and just became a new mom! 

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Until then, here are some great recaps from October:

(Sorry, this have been super crazy and I have been a bad angel so far!)

Then this is the girl that is my angel this month, and she's pretty fabulous, too : Janette from Johanson Journey!

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