12 October 2012

Happy Friday!

First off, our giveaway winner for a $50 Shabby Apple giftcard is entry #91, Tabathia!

Click on image or here.

I'm loving on these pens in the style of syringes!
View a collection of innovative, out the box resumes like this one-- and these people got hired!

Would love to have taken this picture, how beautiful!

Make homemade granola courtesy of Mara from M loves M.

I love this way to organize supplies!


  1. those pens are super cool! interesting prank possibilities, too... ;)

  2. came over from sippy cups and pearls, i am a new follower and your blog is sooooo cute.
    I am over here

  3. new[est] follower. can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  4. Love the nails!! I wish I had a steady enough hand for that. I would probably get my left hand done ok but the right would look horrible. :)

    Love the gift wrap organization!


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