02 October 2012

Firmoo Review

I'm totally smitten with my new glasses.

Where'd I get them?  Firmoo.com

I was contacted to do a review on Firmoo which included trying one of their prescription eyeglasses.  I was able to choose my own eyeglasses and encouraged to explore the website.  As an eyeglasses wearer, I jumped on board! 

The first thing you'll notice is their user friendly, well put together website.  Firmoo offers over 300 styles of frames and glasses that have been elaborately selected by the Firmoo staff.  You can select eyeglasses or sunglasses and they have tools to help you narrow down your search based on the size of frames you want, what the frames are made of (metal, plastic, etc), the shape of the frames, and if you want full frame, semi-rimless, or rimless.

I kind of collect eyeglasses, so I was wanting ones that were a little different than what I already had, but staying true to what would work with my heart-shaped face.  My husband wanted me to try rimless glasses since I hadn't before, and I was certainly tempted, but, upon doing my research, I confirmed that rimless glasses do not go with my face shape.  

Using Firmoo's Virtual Try-On service only solidified my final choice.  I had narrowed down what glasses I liked the most and tried them all on virtually.  Once I selected my pair of eyeglasses, I just needed to call my eye doctor to get them to fax over my prescription information to me, then I plugged in the information.  My glasses arrived and the prescriptions were perfect!  I was a little worried because I have never not ordered straight from my eye doctor before, but the process was painless!  Firmoo really did a great job developing the website.

My eye doctor doesn't have the best selection either so I'm always having trouble finding my next pair, so I love that I found a great variety with this website and I'll probably just being using them from now on!

I really love my Firmoo glasses that I ended up choosing -- and so did husband (double plus!).  They are currently my favorite pair of glasses, too! 

Something else worth mentioning is their Free Glasses program for new customers!  So if you want to try them out like I did, this is the place to do it!  You can get prescription or nonprescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, or safety glasses or goggles.  

So, if you wear glasses either for fashion, eye health, or both, go shopping and get your first pair of glasses for free!

Disclaimer: Yes, I did receive free eyeglasses from Firmoo, but all opinions are 100% my own.
I absolutely do not sacrifice my ethics for free stuff.


  1. I was tempted to do this firmoo review and you got a very cute pair. I was going to have my Step mom or Dad pick some out-- I had lasik a few years back so I'm still floating on the no glasses/contacts cloud, ha! I'm told when I turn 40+, I'll be back to them.. I've heard great things about Firmoo! Great review!

  2. Love the glasses! You look so cute in that pic!!


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