05 September 2012

WW: Our Centerpieces

We played quite the dance trying to figure out the centerpieces.  D had plenty of opinions.  He loved the traditional centerpieces with flowers, water, and candles:
I, however, just wasn't envisioning these centerpieces.  They are gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but I just didn't want them.  I mean, I liked mason jars as containers way before it was popular.  I liked our theme: homemade, garden, vintage.

After several back-and-forth prototypes, we agreed on having three components: (1) wooden crates with flowers (some fake and some real), a frame, and candles.  

Cost per table = $23.7
$1 x 8 = Antique looking 4x6 frames purchased at the dollar store.
~$3 per crate = at Michaels
~$8 / 8 tables = brown spray paint at Michaels.
~$5 / 8 = for a set of 12 planters purchased in the wedding section at Michaels (but you can make these really easily, and I'll kind of show you in another post).
$12 / 8= at Walmart for the styrofoam things to hold flowers.
~$12 worth of flowers (both real and fake) per table.
$0.69 x 3 per table= at Walmart for the votives to hold the candles.
~$2.5 worth of candles per table (3 per table).

We named each of the tables after major landmarks in our places of birth (Georgia, USA for me and Zimbabwe, Africa for Duncan).  We had eight tables for guests so it worked out beautifully that we both were to name four names each.

Zimbabwe: Mana Pools, Nyanga National Park, Victoria Falls (a wonder of the world), Lake Kariba.
Georgia: Stone Mountain, Radium Springs, Providence Canyon (Little Grand Canyon), Okefenokee Swamp.

I typed up little fact sheets on each of the eight places to put in the frames and then sat all the foreigners at Georgia landmarks and sat on the Georgians at Zimbabwe landmarks.  It worked out pretty well, actually!

When the reception was ending, my mom told people to take home the centerpieces.  Fortunately, not all of them were taken so I can repurpose them.  Also, I got back all the picture frames and the candles and votives to also repurpose.  


  1. What great centerpieces! I played with sooo many ideas on ours too, I couldn't believe how something so relatively minor became so difficult.

    I love yours!

    1. Seriously! I had this great idea in the beginning and it didn't work out, husband said no, etc, etc. But I think I really love how they ended up turning out! Thanks!

  2. what a neat idea! I didn't know D was from zimbabwe-how cool! how did you guys meet?

    1. Haha, thanks! His family immigrated here in like 2002. I met him 6 years later on a college retreat.

  3. I love these centerpieces! They are a great idea. Where is your dress from? I believe I know...but I just wanted to find out. I am not even engaged, but I believe you were wearing a potential dress of mine. Haha! Also, where was your reception? I live in GA too. I am also a new follower.

  4. Really pretty centerpieces - they are a lot cuter than the fancier ones! And it's a lot more personal that way =) xo


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