02 September 2012

amy lately

Hello dear friends,

How are you doing?  I hope that you are doing very splendidly.  I just wanted to write a little note because it's just been one of those months... er, summers.... er, years.  I say it's just been August, but it's really been 2012.  I used to be on top of the world.. or at least I had my head on my shoulders when it came to my own life.  Lately, not so much.  This summer I really struggled with motivation (doesn't everyone sometimes?).  Okay, that has been all year, but I really thought that taking a break from school would give me the time to get myself where I needed to be mentally.  Well, it didn't.  Until August.  But then, I did some traveling with husband for his work, got sick, dealt with a cancer scare of a dear loved one who also went through surgery then got an infection from the surgery (it broke my heart seeing them go through this), and then school started.  What suffered most?  My email account and responding to blog comments.  So I apologize from the bottom of my heart if I wasn't the best person to correspond with!  To be honest, September is going to be crazy in terms of school, so I'm getting super organized early in terms of the blog.  But come October, I should be back in (mostly) full swing -- at least in terms of correspondence. 

FYI, Twitter is probably the best way to get in touch with me (handle: @amycharming).  If you comment, which I absolutely love and appreciate the feedback, I will probably dedicate a time once a week to respond to all your lovely comments all at once, instead of when I get an email, then I forget about it after I smile from reading it.

I was telling my husband yesterday just how much I love all of you.  Blogging, blog friends, and the blogosphere really helps me stay grounded and get inspired all at the same time because I know there are those of you out there that deal with the same struggles I do and others with similar interests as I do and I just connect with everyone because of it.

Anyways, I'm done with this.  I hope you are all doing wonderfully!  Come back on Tuesday for my awesome 300-follower milestone giveaway!  And, if you haven't already, check out the Facebook page for updates, the Ten on Ten questions (which will be posted Monday), and the occasional lovely find!

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  1. I think no one needs to apologize for putting their loved ones first! I hope you find your inspiration and motivation again =) Take care! xo


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