13 August 2012

Monday Inspiration

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Though summer will still be hanging around for a little bit longer, fall is definitely starting to pop in to people's minds and plans.  I know that for us we want to do a camping trip when the temperatures are a little bit cooler in maybe September or October.  But, it's still August and we all need to make sure we embrace this summer as much as possible.

Summer always exudes happiness, fun plans, and many opportunities for creating wonderful memories with loved ones.  So I dare you to make some summer plans for an upcoming August weekend.  I'm trying to get a bunch of friends together for a last summer hoorah for a Braves baseball game.  It's challenging, but I think it will be well worth it to spend some quality time with some wonderful people to say goodbye to summer.

Even though the temperatures may be hot, 
enjoy the sun, the warmth, and some lovely friends this weekend! 

Love, AMS.


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