03 August 2012

Happy Friday!


Do you hate dealing with cell phone cords when you're charging your phone?  I definitely do!  Check out this easy DIY:

Check out these seven stylish ways to declutter your beauty supplies.

Pioneer Woman made fresh mozzarella from scratch!

Wanting a fashionable denim vest without spending a lot of money?  IHOD has your solution.

This is a great maternity DIY on making your own belly band:

Samantha from Petite Femme Jolie teaches you how to make calzones.


  1. Great shout out!! Ok, so I'm loving that belly band! #notpregnanttho #judgementfreezone

  2. Cool links! Maybe I'll use this day to declutter a little ;-)
    Thanks for putting my button in your sidebar! That is really amazing - you are so sweet!! Of course, I put yours there now, too - still have to figure out how to make the sidebar look less cluttered, though (clutter seems to be my middle name)! xo Anja

  3. I love that cell phone holder! Might just have to do that...the cords/clutter drive me crazy! :) Hope you're having a great Monday. xoxo


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