17 August 2012

Happy Friday!


Though I certainly enjoy a good television series, there are few that I am actually obsessed with.  I just turned my husband on to Parks and Recreation.  So, I am watching it for the second time with him so he can see it and it still cracks me up every darn episode.  Anywho, Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman) is married in real life to Megan Mullally (the actress who plays Karen Walker from Will & Grace and sometimes makes an appearance as Ron's ex-wife, Tammy).  I ran across this article peeking in to their home.  Love it.  

Also, in honor of Shark Week:

And, of course, I need to take this time to get on my soap box, because as much as I love SharkWeek, Discovery Channel kind of does a bad job convincing people that they are as vital as they are for the ocean ecosystem.

Sharks, which have been around since before the dinosaurs, serve has important regulators of the ocean ecosystem.  Think of it like the butterfly effect.  Sharks also really do not like the taste of humans.  In the decade spanning 2001 to 2010, it was reported that the average number of deaths per year was 4.3 (source).  Now, you've heard the saying, you are more likely to die from a bee sting or in your bathtub.  Lastly, of the 440 species of sharks, only a handful are considered "potentially" dangerous to humans.  Keep in mind, only about ten of those species are greater than ten feet in length (some sharks are as small as a few inches!) and the largest shark species is the gentle, harmless whale shark which can reach about 40 feet.  Some species prefer depths off several hundred feet and will never be seen by humans like you and me.  Okay, I'm done.  On to more Friday Finds!!

Would you be interested in these eight homemade hair treatments?

Do you ever have a craving for something sweet?  I do!  I like to have something sweet after dinnertime.  I don't need a nice creme brulee, those mini Hersey bars would suffice.  But, if you're wanting a nice chocolate chip cookie easy bake for one, here is a great recipe!
I totally love these colored mason jars:

What are your weekend plans?


  1. What a fun list! Loved the link to "Karen's" house - too bad they don't show Parks and Recreation in Germany, sounds funny! Guess we're behind once again. xo Anja

  2. HI! I found you through Amanda's blog For Love of a Cupcake and thought I would check your blog out! I love it! Can't wait to continue reading! Have a wonderful weekend! If you have a chance stop by and take a look at my blog. I would love to follow each other!
    -Kristen@ fewofmyfavoritethingsblog.blogspot.com

  3. Fun stuff here!

    Julie @ Naptime Review


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