30 August 2012

Blog Angels

As you may know from this post, I participated in Blog Angels this month.  I was so excited to participate this month because I wasn't able to do it the first round in June, but August was so crazy for me that I don't think I was such a great Angel!  Anyways, today I am wrapping up the experience since August 2012 has come to a close.

The blogger I was linked up with was the lovely Anja from Cocalores!

I'm so glad that I got linked up with her because I love her blog and I don't know if or when I'd ever stumble across her blog otherwise!  It's a perfect mix of great finds, DIY, great perspectives, and humor.

So the first thing I did was add her to my reader, which is how I discovered all her awesome posts (which you'll see in a second).  Then I added her button to my adverts sidebar (not very discreetly, she probably knows who I am).  I had a giveaway this month and added her blog and such as entries.  She seems to have so much together that I just didn't know what more to do!  But you will find her gracing my Friday Finds tomorrow, but you'll definitely see why tomorrow!  I also enjoyed commenting and taking part.  Oh, and I totally nominated her for One Lovely Blog award.  I feel like it make seem like I'm obligated to do all this because I'm her "angel," but really check out her blog and you'll see why.

Some of my favorite posts from her: 

If you are wanting to be a Blog Angel for the next round (October!), then follow Craftbotic and the sign up will be coming up in September.


  1. So great! Thanks a thousand times for the support! I couldn't have had a nicer and sweeter blog angel =) I hope we stay in touch after this program because I really enjoyed bonding! xo Anja

  2. I am so glad you guys got to meet. Anja needed someone really special to appreciate the awesomeness of her blog. It is one of my daily reads. And in blog land we know what that means. I hope so much you'll be up for Round 3 and thank you for doing such an amazing job.

    Rosie xx

  3. Hey blog angel! Who was yours?!?

    check it out:


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