10 July 2012

When People Let You Down

This has been an increasingly frequent thing in my life this year.  It amazes me because I felt like all I did was let people down last year because it was such a tremendously difficult year for me in so many different aspects.  The hardest part about being let down now?  Is that I am struggling to find the humility to accept it, forgive them, and move on.  

There have been times this year where I let it go because (a) they're only human, (b) it's out of character, or (c) it really wasn't something that ruined my day anyways.  But there has still be multiple occasions where people have flat out hurt me and it really felt like a betrayal or an insult.  Of course, I have no intentions of going in to details and defaming anyone that I know, so trust me when I say that those later actions weren't just small petty things that dramatic Amy can't get passed.  They were things that Duncan was saddened by for me.  (I have learned to judge my reactions by Duncan, because he's a good voice of reason.  If he thinks I'm being ridiculous, I probably am.)

Now, I'm not trying to be all woe-is-me, because things happen in life to disappoint us, to hurt us, to deeply sadden us, even by loved ones like a spouse or a child.  But the more it happens, the more my shield goes up, the harder it is for me to forgive and let go.  But because things will happen in life, I can't just arming myself up every time. 

So I ask you all:
How do you deal with situations in which
loved ones or anyone hurts you?  

Right now, I vent to Duncan or my mom.  But I'd really rather not vent at all, just breathe and move on.  And I know people can be like that.  I can be like that sometimes-- or I used to.  

I'm really curious what you do or how you handle things.
Maybe I could learn something from you.

Love, AWS


  1. thank you SO much for this post. i have been dealing with the SAME thing recently....not by a lot of people, but by two people that are SUPPOSED to be very close to me...my sister and her husband. i too, am struggling with what to do. it's so nice to know i'm not alone....thanks for your honesty!!!!

  2. i am honestly struggling with this too and haven't found a solution yet. if you do come across one, pleaseeee share!


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