06 July 2012

oh so charming recipes : friday finds

Many of you may already know a little bit about 2011: health problems galore (physical & mental) that contributed to not be physically capable of working out plus being put on medications that altered how I metabolized food and caused water retention.  So, I gained weight.  With the wedding nearing, I tried to not get upset with the weight.  Yeah, one year ago I was two sizes smaller, but c'est la vie?  

Now that the wedding is over, I'm ready to spend time working on my body: physically, mentally, etc.  Dieting and exercise didn't work before because of all the variables, so I am unsure how well they are going to work now since I'm still on the medications but I don't have the health problems that I had that prevented me from working out last fall and winter.  One variable gone = one step closer.   Because, friends, I can definitely notice a difference in my health having all the extra weight.

So why the long preface?  Because I've just discovered food blogs!

Today, I'm sharing with you my favorite recipe finds from food blogs that I hope to use to make me eat less calories, more nutrients, but not sacrifice taste.  And with a new husband to feed who is almost a foot taller and could easily get away with not working out ever, it's extremely important to me that I do not have to sacrifice taste in new recipes.


  1. Everything looks so tasty! I'll definitely be trying the pomegranate margarita this weekend :)


  2. Oh yummy yummy! Good luck on your cooking list!


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