17 July 2012

It's called "taupe."

This weekend we celebrated my birthday.  I wore this as my birthday outfit.  Duncan was curious as to what color the skirt was, because he thought it was grey.  I said it was more of a taupe.  He didn't really like the word.  Oh well.  Leave the names of colors to me, husband.

Cami, lace top, skirt: Forever21 // Shoes: Target // Envelope clutch: thrifted from The Drake Closet

We debated about what I should do with the top.  
I thought that it should be tucked in, while he liked it left out.  
We both thought we'd ask you friends to make the final decision.

Comment or vote in the poll below your thoughts.

How would you prefer to style this top?

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  1. Looks lovely both ways... but I voted for tucked it! ;)

  2. I voted for tucked in, but you look great either way. :)

  3. I liked it both ways, but kind of like it tucked out a little more!! I really like your hair style, wish I could do something like that!

  4. tucked in, definitely! it looks more fashionable and all-around cute! :)

    xo, samantha

  5. Tucked in is way more chic. I really like the lace top, it's lacy without being racy. (hehe)


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