26 July 2012

How do you get motivated?

I'm trying to compile everyone's ideas for one awesome post.

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Thanks, AMS.


  1. I turn on my favorite song in the world and dance around the room!

  2. Mine is kind of weird, but I will either give myself a pep talk OR view travel photos. My biggest goal in life is to travel...and if I am successful at what I do now, I think it's attainable. If I see the beautiful photos from around the world, then I feel the urge to get moving so that I can see it myself . :)


  3. I motivate myself by thinking about how I'll be able to relax once I've done everything I need to do. It helps me work hard and fast to accomplish my list of To-do's.


  4. Lists, time limits and rewards.....I have to motivate myself to grade papers. I tell myself if I do 8 then I can stop and have a tea and biscuits...or can call my friend for 5 minutes.

    Does that help?



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