08 July 2012

CMB #12

For vacations.
D and I spent ten days in paradise.  We got back Monday, we both had to resume work, and then we had Wednesday off.  Three day work week?  Sounds good to me!  I know he especially needs it.  I kind of "set" my own schedule.  He actually has a place to be ten-twelve hours a day.  Going on our honeymoon was a much needed break for him and I'm so glad he had that opportunity and enjoyed it.  We all need vacations.  Both for our physical and mental health!

For my parents.
Though we were on vacation for ten days, we still had three little critters to worry about.  My parents took care of them (I say three, but two are cats and are so low maintenance it's really just 1.5 critters to take care of).  Thank you both!  I know Shelby loves Samy (one of their dogs) that I there is no way she didn't have a ball of a time.

If not for them, I would have stressed trying to find something to schedule, or would have had a blank blog.  Plus, you wouldn't be able to meet six lovely ladies.  I've known/followed some of these ladies for awhile, while others are relatively new on my radar.  They each are in different levels of their relationships: multiple anniversaries down versus just one, some have kids, others don't, some stay at home, some have 9 to 5 jobs (or 7a-7p!).  Regardless, I think they each had something valuable to share with you (and me!) and I hope you all enjoyed meeting them!  For a recap, click here.

For Duncan.
Marrying me can't be easy.  But he did it.  He's put up with a lot: 2011, nursing school, wedding planning, etc.  Three and a half years together and he's still here.  He should get a medal.  The last year or so has been brutal for me, much less on our relationship.  I know it's going to be another rough year or so, but I think we are finally figuring out how to make it work for us.


  1. I loved guest posting on your blog! Thanks for having me and I totally agree, vacations are almost a necessity at certain points!

  2. This is a fun post...and the letter to The hubby is great!

  3. If you guys can make it through the first few years, you're good. Especially knowing the first few years included nursing school. :)


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