08 June 2012

oh so charming friday!

Wow!  I can't believe it's Friday already!  I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.  On one hand, tomorrow I'm leaving for NYC.  On the other hand, I worry that if time is flying this fast for this week then before I know it it's going to be the Monday after my wedding!  I don't want that time to fly!

Anyways, the giveaway winner for "My Favorite Things" is : Lily Eghtessad!

Have you been following the How To's of Blogging Series hosted by The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife and Two Shades of Lovely?  Well, I have and here are my favorite How To's: Getting & Staying Organized, how to get rid of that ugly image shadow, and how to decide on who you sponsor.

Anna and Renee had their monthly Nursing Tuesday link-up.  For all you fellow nurses / nursing students out there, here is Anna's & Renee's (which includes the linky to link-up).  This Tuesday's topic was discussing their first experience with death.  
Fortunately (and unfortunately for all you nurses / nursing students out there who understand why a nursing student may want to experience it sooner rather than later), I have not experienced the actual passing of a patient.  I have helped out with patients who were post-mortem, but I've never experienced it first hand.  My partner-in-crime and Maid of Honor experienced it first hand with her first actual patient in med/surg clinical rotation.  I was there when she got home from the shift and I saw how hard it was on her in the months afterward.  I can't imagine, and I'm just constantly feeling on edge because of it.  But enough death-talk......

I really loved all the great suggestions for NYC!  Especially Melissa's suggestion for Alice's Teacup -- this reader knows me too well!  Tea and cupcakes?!  Um, hello, Alice!

I just helped redesign the lovely Amy's blog this week!  She was such a doll to work with. =)  Check her out and learn how to make her banana bread -- I love banana bread and I have bananas right now!  I think I might go make some now!

I'm totally smitten on this outfit by Mara of M Loves M:


  1. I've been to Alice's Tea Cup several times since I live a half hour outside of NYC and I most definitely recommend it!! It's fun and super cute and the crepes are amazing!!

  2. Cute cute cuuuuuuuute outfit!!

  3. :ooooooooo wow I read over my name then went back to it, aha!
    Normal people like me don't win anything (; Thank you!! x


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