03 June 2012

NYC Recommendations?

Hello, friends!

I'm going to NYC for a bachelorette weekend with my amazing maid of honor.  We have a few ideas of what we want to do, but I was wondering if you had any tips, recommendations, etc for us!  Train or bus tips?  Favorite restaurants?  Things we must do or should stay away from at all costs?  Please let me know!  We'd love to make the most of our short trip!  

Thanks, xo.


  1. ah im so jealous!!! I have only been once but LOVED it!!!

  2. One of my favorite NYC places is Alice's Tea Cup. Get a pot of Alice's tea and a cupcake for me!

  3. have fun! There is a park on old train tracks called the high line that I have heard is amazing! I am very upset I did not know about it when I lived by the city. you should go there! :)

  4. Depends on what kind of experience you want...if you want to be kinda super touristy, there's a lot to do around Times Square (including Ellen's Stardust Diner, which is fun!). One of my favorite parks in the city is Bryant Park (right behind the Public Library) (it's where Fashion Week is based). But of course, strolling through Central Park is wonderful as well!
    Have an awesome time!

  5. Have fun! Love NYC!


  6. Anytime I go somewhere, I check for places with the best ratings in the restaurants and things to do sections of www.tripadvisor.com I also read the comments because some people leave great tips! Have fun!!


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