14 June 2012

Days away

Hello friends!

I'd like to take a quick moment just to pause.  Both of Duncan's grandmothers have passed away this month.  It's been a hard thing to cope with for the family.  With the high stress of Duncan's job, his long hours, and all the wedding details, I am afraid that Duncan does not even have time to process.  If there is one thing we know, it's that they are home.  They are no longer suffering.  His nonna (Italian for grandmother) on his mom's side was able to join her beloved husband in heaven.  I pray that it is this peace that remains with the rest of the family as healing begins.

In other news, did you meet Andrea?  Adorable love story!  Another tomorrow, then more next week!  I'll have a NYC recap after the wedding.  Thank you all for bearing with me.  Right now, I know it's my wedding weekend, but part of me just feels like it's just another weekend.  

Thanks for listening,
- xo, Amy


  1. Praying for peace for your family, and so excited for you that you are only days away from your wedding!!

  2. i pray everything was beautiful and perfect today =) xoxo


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