02 May 2012

WW: Bridal Tea Party Luncheon -- The Details

Invitations: my amazing Maid of Honor, Sharelle
Location: my parents' house

Teacups: purchased at T.J. Maxx, these were also the favors!
Tealights: purchased at IKEA (100 for ~$3)
Vases seen on table with tulips: DIY craft coming up!
Flowers: Bunches Direct
Baskets to hold tea: dollar store
Frames: Michael's dollar section

Sandwiches: made by Sharelle
Cupcakes: made by my mom
Mini quiches: Mrs. Smith

Pasta salad: Katie, a wonderful bridesmaid
Scones: mix from T.J. Maxx, made by my mom in to heart shapes
Cake: Publix
Potato salad: my mom
Green "Mold" (Jello-deliciousness with marshmellows and pineapples): my mom (a special request by me!)
Assorted cheese and crackers: Jaclynn, Duncan's sister and helpful bridesmaid

Drinks: lemon spring water and sweetened iced tea.
Teas, hand-picked by me: green tea, chai tea, English breakfast tea, and rooibos red ted.

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