08 May 2012

Why I Became a Nurse (-ing Student)

I have always been a very passionate person, regardless of what I am doing.  Duncan says it is one of the things he loves most about me, but also one of the things he doesn't like so much (because my emotions can be overwhelming for him and myself and my bar is always set very high).

Nursing wasn't my first major.... it was my third.  I'm a seasoned student, my friends.  I was originally a psychology major and I remember one of the first conversations I ever had with Duncan was about where I planned to go with psychology: I wanted to work for the CIA doing criminal profiling.  (Understand my previous comment about setting the bar very high now?)  My next major was history.  Oh, boy oh boy, I loved history.  Everything about it.  I wanted to be like Indiana Jones (yes, I know he was anthropology) or Ben Gates in National Treasure.  I still have such a passion for it and fortunately so does Duncan, so I'm still able to get my history on.

Anyways, I was literally a year or so away from graduating (this was 2009) when something came over me during Thanksgiving.  I was listening to a friend talk about why she wanted to be a nurse and I just couldn't stop thinking about it.  I prayed that weekend, did a little research, and then talked with my parents and Duncan.  By Monday, I was changing my major.

This is how God works in my life.  He inspires me to the point of no return.  He's done this on numerous occasions, and I guess you could say that I'm either lucky or crazy in that aspect.  But every "best decision I ever made" started out just like this.

So, this was one of the "best decisions I ever made."  It happened in a flash and there was no turning back.  I haven't regretted it one second.  God has been with me every step of the way.  By January 2010, I was enrolled in the classes that I needed to be and on the very first day of the very first class I had for my nursing prerequisites I sat down and started talking to this wonderful woman who would later turn out to be my partner in crime and maid of honor.  That was another best decision I ever made: to sit in the front row in a big auditorium next to this random girl.

I took full loads all 2010: Anatomy I and lab, Anatomy II and lab, Microbiology (still my favorite class to this day), Microbiology lab (oh, how I miss working with bacteria!), Biology I and lab, Biology II and lab, Statistics, an introduction to Health and Human Sciences, Abnormal Psychology, and a few other things.  By August, I had submitted my application (what was due October 1st).  And I heard back in November 2010 that I was accepted (thanks to my partner in crime, but that's another long story about how they never received my application until she said something when she got her acceptance!).  About 300 people applied in fall 2010 for 72 spots.  I started the nursing program in Spring 2011.

Here I am, a year and a half later, another year to go, and boy I still have such a passion for it.  The human body is so amazing.  As you may have read in my first one of these, I have learned and seen so much.  I never thought I would have the stomach I have!  The things I never thought I would care for in the medical/nursing field, I've ended up really enjoying, namely, wound care! 

***And, yes, since my last nursing related post, I was fortunate enough to see a real live human heart...... beating....... off pump...... for three glorious hours...... and I was like two feet away....... surgical marvel, I tell you!  I have learned so much about myself and what I may want to do with nursing, but I've learned, like anything, God will inspire me and I will do it and I will be so happy that I will never look back.


  1. Sounds like a great journey so far! We also sound very similar lol. I started my psych degree thinking I could eventually work for the police doing profiling or something. Turns out you have to be a cop first. Who knew? Once I graduated I had no idea what to do but I've always loved history and thought about doing paleontology. That didn't happen either and now I'm in nursing as of Jan. 2010. :)

  2. I love how much you let God lead your path. And had you not been a History major, we wouldn't have met! :)

  3. I love your story Amy.
    I'm so glad you found something you're passionate about. :)
    (I'm going to CVICU this week and looking forward to LOTS of fresh open heart surgical patients!!)
    Happy Nurse's week!

  4. cute blog! love the name. my grandma was a nurse so i have a soft spot in my heart for nurses :) found you via adventures of newlyweds :)


  5. This is an amazing post. I love how passionate u are about ur future career!


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