15 May 2012


a.  A snapshot of me and my lovely Bridesmaids at my Bridal Shower.
b.  A snapshot of the exterior of the Church where we will be getting married.
c.  A wedding project.
d.  Duncan and I had a rehearsal of the rehearsal dinner: we had an appetizer, house salad, three entrees, creme brulee for dessert, and a cappuccino each.  Don't worry, we took home leftovers!
e.  A breakfast smoothie.
f.  For a girls day out, my mom and I first stopped at The Drake Closet for some thrift shopping.
g.  Then we went to lunch at an adorable restaurant in Downtown Roswell, Nine Street Kitchen.  At lunch on a Thursday it was  p a c k e d .  They had picnic areas on the lawn for seating, and some people actually voluntarily sat there!  They were couples in which the woman was probably all "look how romantic!" then thirty minutes later probably regretted that decision....
h.  Lastly, we went to peruse antiques at the Canton Street Antique Store.
i.  The antique store had a little Paris section.  I know I've seen this framed necklace display countless times on blogs and Pinterest, but I just couldn't get over how adorable and organized it is!  Especially in the Paris section with stacks of old book paper wrapped in twine, bird cages, pocket watches, and eclectic necklaces.
j.  This past Saturday was the bridal shower for a friend who's getting married July 28.  Being obsessed with giving pretty gifts, I put together a little gift basket (in which the basket was a very necessary large mixing bowl!) of all the things I find as kitchen essentials.
k.  My mom had the idea to have baby pictures at the reception.  Though I prefer the idea of our parents' wedding pictures, I couldn't resist not showing everyone how adorable Duncan was.  Growing up in Africa, he, naturally, has a picture of himself on an elephant.  Growing up in America, I, naturally, have a posed picture of myself on a pony -- except I was petrified and did a poor job pretending otherwise.
l.  For Mother's Day, we had brunch and then enjoyed playing a favorite game: Dominion.  Shelby, on the other hand, was too busy eating ice cubes, napping, and watching the cars pass on the road outside.

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  1. Love all of these photos! Wedding planning looks so fun! Can't wait to do wedding projects! :) that church is beautiful!!!


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