11 May 2012

oh so charming finds

Our Reflection is hosting a darling giveaway the ends today!

Have you met Robin from Garage Sales R Us?  She's totally crafty, always finds great things, and her blog is certainly unique.  I discovered her last week and I am so in love with this project she just finished:

The Psychology of Color - full infographic here.

I love this DIY clutch (& the awesome blog it's on to boot!!):

Anybody watch Grey's Anatomy?  It's my lovely addiction.  See last night's episode?  Well, you know the creator's want another eight years. EIGHT!  I wonder if these past few episodes are preparing us for the actors that do not want to sign on for another eight years.

Went thrifting yesterday!  Oh I will be sharing my finds with you soon!


  1. In love with Grey's and so mad that they did that... I mean come on... really? how many near-death tragedies can one show handle?

    1. SERIOUSLY! Are you ready for tomorrow's season finale? Ah! It's going to be Lexi, Arizona, or April. All of whom I am unwilling to part with due to my enormous love for them that has developed with each of their character stories. HOWEVER, I think with Lexi and Mark, and Arizona with Callie and the baby, April has the least to lose in terms of further character development..... I wonder if that is why they really did a lot with her these past couple episodes... to build up her acting resume for future jobs..... Hm.... this is all speculation, BUT I think I might have just gotten inside the head of Shonda Rhimes -- either that, or I just put some bets on this episode. AH! Excited. =)

  2. whoa. gonna look at her blog right now. sounds right up my alley.

    1. She's totally adorable =) BUt then again, so are you! It's been awhile since I've actually visited your blog (you know readers tend to do that..) so I don't know when you added the individual country icons, but I love them!!


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