20 April 2012

Quick Critique of Socialpunk

As you might have read yesterday, Monica Leonelle loves creating fascinating hooks.  And, friends, she certainly did a great job doing that in Socialpunk.  Instantly I was hooked trying to figure out the world Ima, the protagonist, lives in and how the world came to be.  She lives in Chicago, but it's definitely not the world we know today, making this novel a Sci-fi edge-of-your-seat novel.  For that, I give her props.  She not-too-quickly unraveled details about The Dome, the characters, and the dystopian plot.

What I love in any book is the ability of the heroine to lift above herself and societal expectations do to what she knows is right.  Ima is a relatable character, in spite of the world she lives in (though, readers could argue about how The Dome has references and metaphors to our current world and society, something else I love about these types of books).

I couldn't help but be reminded of the Orwell-esque dynamics, which definitely was a driving factor for me being unable to put down the book, regardless of if it was Monica's intent.

Overall, this was a fast read without being too short that characters and backgrounds weren't explained properly.

I would have to say that until connections and stories started making since somewhere in the start of the middle of the book, it was a little bit slower of a read.  I think that is normal, though, as your brain has to take the details and information given to recreate the dystopian world in your head in order to better understand what the author is writing.

I thoroughly enjoy these type of novels and I am sure many will categorize this book with the Hunger Games trilogy (I have never read any of the Hunger Games books, but from what I see the Hunger Games has a similar premise).  

I can definitely believe that Monica loves fascinating hooks, the craft of James Cameron (and perhaps Christopher Nolan a little bit?), and that she is very well-organized because there were not any gaps in her storyline even though the fact that things were slowly unraveled could have made it easy to be left completely confused.  She does however understand the importance of reader interpretation!

I am looking forward to the remaining two novels in the Socialpunk trilogy: Socialmob and Socialhood.

Check out Monica Leonelle's website or buy her book on Amazon!

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