30 March 2012

opening up.

For this post, you might be slightly lost without having read these posts from January: When Failure is Good and Personal Wellness Part I.

As much as I would like to be 100% open and honest on my blog here, there are some details that cannot be discussed.  So if that means I might lose you in some of my more personal posts, I apologize in advance.

For today's post, I'd like to talk about, once again, weight.  After my eating disorder in the eighth grade, I was able to healthily maintain my weight in the mid-120s and early 130s.  Which, for my height of 5'3", is considered a healthy weight range.  I love being short, but, as most of you can guess, it causes problems with weight gain.  The extra lb's only have so many places to go.

So, with the intense year I had in 2011, I gained quite a chunk of pounds..... (as a refresher: I had severe shortness of breath problems limiting my exercising capabilities, I was extremed stressed and busy 24/7 with school, and I was diagnosed with atypical clinical depression triggered by various events of 2011).  I gained about 25-30 pounds all after I had purchased my wedding dress.  At the time of purchasing it, I had no idea what lay ahead of me in terms of my body, both physically and chemically, so I purchased a size 4 dress that I have fallen madly in love with assuming that, like I had many years before, I would be able to maintain my weight in the several months I had before my wedding.

Well my friends, we have less than 80 days now until the big day and I still do not fit in to my dress (nor anywhere near it).  With out going in to details, I have no idea why.  I'm flabbergasted.  So is Duncan.  I've been working out practically seven days a week and eating healthy.  I went to a doctor's appointment March 22 and saw my weight.  Seven days later (yesterday), even with a lot of exercise and healthy eating habits, I had gained weight.  W-w-what??  Yeah, like I said, flabbergasted.

So, I am unsure what to do next.  11 weeks on Saturday until I marry my best friend and I can't even fit in to my dress.  I know that this is such a superficial topic and such.  But man it's heartbreaking that I can be doing everything right and get nothing in return as far as results (insert comment about how that is such a familiar feeling as a nursing student).

Anyone have any suggestions?  Or are you also going through something funky?  I'd love to hear about it.  Because that's the beautiful thing about the blogosphere, we are never alone.  =)


  1. Thanks for sharing, and for being so so honest!! That is rare these days. :P (:

  2. This is awful! I wish I had tips, maybe try a specific diet like Atkins or South Beach? I am going through something similar. I've been the same weight for the past ten years, so I really don't bother looking at the scale anymore. I did the other day and I'd gained seven pounds to the weight I'm used to! It's still a healthy weight, but I was just so shocked!

  3. My heart goes out to you. I am 5'3" and over the last few years I gained about 50 pounds. I recently purchased my wedding dress in a size 12. I was devastated. Stress is one of the primary contributors to weight gain. I know it's hard, but *try* not to stress too much about it. As far as any rapid weight loss tips, I would cut out all sugars and processed carbs. It's the easiest and fastest way to shed weight fast. I've tried the 17 Day Diet, and it worked pretty well. You have to do what's best for you. Just know that you are beautiful and you'll look beautiful on your big day. :)

  4. My heart goes out to you! I had the same problem. It was awful. I felt like my dress didn't fit right, even after they let it out as much as possible and I wore super duper Spanx. I was working out, working like crazy, and eating as best I could, but I think it came down to me not sleeping and me being hella stressed (as in started two new jobs and got married withint 3 months). I was so brain dead that I left my wedding shoes on top of my car and they flew off and got run over by a car!

    My advice - cut out any soda or fast food that you might still be eating, get some sleep, and take it easy (as much has humanly possible). Don't forget to ask for help. It's okay! :)


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