01 March 2012

Meet Chelsea!

from Choose to be Happy
 also from Georgia just like Ms. Amy! 
i adore Amy's blog. she's creative and positive and not to mention a preeetty good question asker... i had a lot of fun answering this question of hers... 

"What have you learned about yourself and maybe the world/your perspectives from both  being single and being in a relationship with Stone?  Then, is there a special way you show your love for him?"

i love this question, because my answer is an interesting one.
half the year i experience life through the "single" girl perspective in the sense that i am minus my boyfriend, and the other half is experienced through the relationship girl perspective.

my boyfriend plays baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies organization... this means, he is away for the season from mid February to mid September, and then back in Atlanta for the off season from Sept to Feb.  

so for those long months, i am boyfriend-less, visiting him on occasion, living in Atlanta, working, and trying to have as much fun as I should be at 26.  it’s always a big adjustment for me after he leaves, and takes a little while for me to get back into the single girl mindset of being alone.  I have learned I’m preeeetty strong on the inside and that is something I admire about myself.

 Alone, I am able to spend a lot more quality girlfriend time with friends, catch up on all the real housewives of every city, and eat cereal for dinner.  But also, I do get frightened a little easier, and sometimes am no stranger to keeping a chair under my door juuust in case.

Spending those months alone, has made me realize that I am such a relationship girl. but that’s because I love who I’m in a relationship with. I prefer it. My world is better when he is around, and its really that simple :)

i love, love. and i try to show it in a lot of little ways, which comes naturally for me because my parents who were so good at this. i think its important, those little hey i love you reminders.
like, sending him on morning scavenger hunts, 
dedicating a whole day to whatever he wants to do,
throwing a going away surprise party for two like last year and this year
that kind of stuff because the little things in life are indefinitely the most important. 

thanks so much for having me Amy!


  1. Great Question, Amy! Very reflective!

  2. i adore chelsea and her relationship with stone! super cute!!


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