09 March 2012

a day in the life.

On this particular day, I had a test to study for and a dinner with a girlfriend scheduled at Tin Lizzy's -- a favorite of mine in Atlanta.  I had a Tin Skillet and it was so-so delicious!  They also have good, sinless margaritas.  I couldn't resist a low-cal 'rita mixed with fresh fruit (for $4, too!!)!

Yes, in the second picture you see Chewie.  Duncan gave this to me the first birthday I spent with him. It is so treasured.  We are such Star Wars nerds that we both want a life-size Storm Trooper like Barney has.  You also see my three skin care Forever Living products.  Now available to you to try in my shop!

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  1. I spot some Buble'! And I can never resist a margarita!


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