04 March 2012

CMB: #11

On-the-go powder packets for water.
I try to drink water as much as I can, but it's never been one of those preferred drinks (like most people, right?).  I'm a lover of juice: mango, peach, apple, grapefruit, cranberry, etc and teas and lemonades.  And if you combine fruits, I'm just as likely to crave a class.  The only soda I have in my refrigerator for myself is Ginger Ale.  Some weeks that goes faster than others, and it's always great for when I feel nauseous or something.  So, anyways, when I picked up some low-cal packets in order to persuade myself to drink more water, I was instantly hooked.  Now, all I drink is water.  I barely touch anything else!  My favorite flavor is by-far the iced peach tea flavor, but I also like the subtle lemon tea flavor.  I'm hesitant to get a lemonade flavor because my GI system (upper, not lower!) doesn't take well to it's acidity, but for about $1 for a box of about ten (depending on where you are shopping), I might as well try it, right!

DIY projects that are already 80% done for you.
I know that sounds weird, but there is one major wedding project that I wanted to tackle and be 100% DIY, but I just couldn't figure out the magic combination that will have the right message: "Hi, Amy (and Duncan) made me with love from scratch, but don't I also look flippin' awesome?!"  So, I decided, instead of pulling out my hair, I would succumb to something that's already mostly made and all I have to do is put on the finishing touches.  It's not 100% unique, but it still will have 100% of Duncan and myself reflected in it.  I'll talk more on what project I'm talking about later. 

This is both a blessing and a curse.  One trip to Michael's never lasts less than an hour (okay, I was really strong-willed one day and went in, saw they didn't have what I needed, and walked straight out, but that is a 1/100,000 occurrence).  I get so inspired by everything that I find (and there is a lot to find, especially when you are looking carefully).  Their great prices (for the most part), is also a major problem for me.  So, why is this even a blessing?  Because I walked in last week, and discovered some amazing finds for the wedding (and one for the home).  Yeehaw!  (Yes, I just did that.)

A weird one, I know.  But, if it wasn't for McDonald's over-advertising their fish McBites, I would have completely forgotten that, since it's Lent, I'm not supposed to have meat on Fridays.  The realization went like this: 
Duncan (as we're going through the drivethrough in an attempt to 
get a quick breakfast since we were running late to meet his parents)
those new fish mcbites look awful.
Amy : they really do.  I guess their fish sandwich wasn't enough....
oh! DUNCAN!  Do you know why they are advertising that?!?!!!
It's because of LENT!  Oh, my!  I forgot we can't eat meat on Fridays!!!!!!  

Okay, lame flashback, but, you get the point....

Happy Sunday!!

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