21 February 2012

"you look like you're going to a business dinner"

Or so that is what Duncan said to me when he saw what I was wearing for our date night.  I guess my tights and cardigan didn't help (none of which are pictured).  I didn't wear the cardigan for the pictures because I wanted to show off all the delicious embellishments of my shirt.  


Shirt: Steinmart ; Skirt: Steinmart ; Earrings : hand-me-downed from my mom ; Necklace : handmade from a long time ago.


  1. Cute shirt! ^^

    Indie by Heart

    ps. published post about my win today ! ;>

  2. i love that blouse! it's gorgeous!

  3. Very pretty, like the blouse. I'm not sure about the skirt, bit different color or style.

  4. super cute shirt. totally jealous =)


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