02 February 2012

Submit your charmings

Hello, all!
Instead of a Thursday Lately today (I know, I know, second week in a row I've dropped the ball!  I've just been feeling so darn rotten this week), I am here to announce that I've recently started a Tumblr with the intention of filling it with all the charming things in this world that inspire me or delight me.  

Butttt, I also wanted to open it up to everyone!  I like the idea of a community thing.  So, feel free to submit things you find charming in this world on my tumblr page.  I'd love to know what gives you a smile at the end of a long day!  

P.S. you can upload text, photos, links, videos, quotes 
just click on the "Submit a ___" drop down to 
select what you would like to upload.

1 comment:

  1. Neat-o idea! I love that you're opening it up to everyone!!



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