04 February 2012

Sometimes & Always #5

Sometimes I have this crazy.awesome idea that I just can't wait to implement.
Always do I realize that I have a lot of crazy.awesome ideas that are already in line before it.  (I wonder what this says about me?)

Sometimes I have the idea for a really fun outfit.
Always does Duncan look at me like a monkey dressed me.

Sometimes I get home from a long day and just want a cup of tea.
Always will I hit the couch and not get back up again.... even for tea.... 

Sometimes I get so gung-ho about politics that I think I should go in to politics.
Always will it end up making me too cross to ever actually consider it.

Sometimes I need something to snuggle with when I sleep (we've talked about how I don't know what to do with my arms, right?), so I use a pillow or part of the comforter -- or sometimes a creature like Liam.
Always do I prefer to sleep on my back with out a pillow under my head (making it useless to have something to snuggle with anyways... well, except Liam, he still finds a way to sneak in his required snuggle time -- even if it means curling up in the curvature between my shoulder and my head).

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  1. I found your blog through Kate @ Stripes and Polka Dots and I think your design is amazing. I love it so much....I can't stop admiring all the colours.


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