17 February 2012

If you meet me...

If you meet me ... you might assume that I "must have been" a cheerleader in high school (one too many people have assumed this about me).

If you meet me ... you might think that I'm mad at the world when I drift off in to space (for some reason, I just seem to look really pissed when I drift off....  I apologize in advance).

If you meet me ... I will politely smile and bite my tongue if you suggest doing an activity that I'd rather not do.

If you meet me ... I would suggest us getting a bite to eat at one of my many favorite eateries in Atlanta.

If you meet me ... I would ask you at least a dozen questions about you : "What do you do?" "Where are you from?" "Where do you see yourself?" "What do you plan on doing/going with your current position?"

If you meet me ... I would politely smile but not comment on topics of conversation that I (a) have strong opinions about and/or (b) find uncomfortable.  These include, but are not limited to, many topics within the following categories : politics, religion, race/culture and tolerance, fairness, nursing and healthcare, etc.  

If you meet me ... you might think I am shy.  I sometimes prefer to just sit and listen.

If you meet me ... you will definitely think I am a dork.

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