26 February 2012

CMB #10 :

Bananas with peanut butter.
Oh, how I have been craving this sweet, healthy snack lately.  I'm so grateful to have found a healthy snack to eat when I am either hungry or just kind of in the mood to munch on something.  Hey, just become I'm dieting doesn't mean I don't eat!

My semester schedule.
It is so much less stressful than last semester.  I feel like I can breathe!  And sleep.  I missed sleep last semester.  I am so glad I can now sleep.  Oh, nursing school....

It. Is. Spring. Break.
This is incredibly important for the following blessing entry.  

Closing in on less than 4 months...
Since we got engaged, it just hasn't felt real.  Woah, boy, it does now.  Bridesmaids are talking wedding showers and bachelorette weekend, Duncan has his tux, we picked out my wedding ring and are deciding on Duncan's wedding ring, the honeymoon is 100% booked, and invitations part I (international) are supposed to be mailed out this week and they aren't even made yet............... (don't ask me why I have procrastinated this badly...........), BUT at least it feels real, right?  I don't know if this is a blessing or not.  Oh yeah, it's a blessing that it's almost here and over with.  I think we are both just counting down the days to when we are able to be lazy beach bums on one of Hawaii's many beautiful beaches.

The pups.
It was a huge decision to get Shelby.  One Duncan and I spent almost an hour debating.  He said she would be my responsibility because he doesn't have the time right now in his life (remember, he spends about 60 hours and five days a week either commuting or working).  I said, time is all I have.  Well, she is the cutest little thing.  She's way too smart for her own good, but you can't help but love her little face when she looks up at you eagerly.  Duncan is so glad that we got her, too.  I am so happy that was a good decision, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to have three amazing animals (p.s. Liam is still the best snuggler in the entire world).

The weather.
I never realized how much I actually like spring weather until the other day.  I got in my car, rolled down my windows, turned up the window, and just relaxed as I was driving home.  I felt happy and was so excited to have a girls night.  I wanted to get home and go for a run (I had to get groceries instead... but did end up going running another day).  Who knew sunny, relatively warm weather actually had a positive effect on mood?


  1. Congrats on the pup! And I'm so happy you're counting your blessings this week. Sometimes, it's the little things, isn't it?


    1. Yes! Sometimes it really is the little things! Thank you =)

  2. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!


    1. Thank you! =) These posts really help me stay grounded! xo


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