25 January 2012

WW : The One (Fun) Thing People Keeping Asking Me...

Is Duncan wearing a kilt?
Sorry, friends and family, he will not be.

I would love him to, but he insists against it.
[Do you really blame him?]

The conversation usually comes up like this:
Someone: What's your fiance's name?
Me: Duncan.
Someone: Duncan?  Where is that from?
Me: He's named after his Scottish grandfather's brother.
Someone: Scotland!  What's his last name?
Me: Smith.  His middle name is incredibly Scottish, too (after said grandfather).  It's awesome.
Someone: Is he wearing a kilt!?
Me: No....
Someone: He should!
Me: I know!

It is now something I like to tease him about.
Because more and more people seem to be doing it
(not just in Scotland, haha, in America!).

I guess it makes sense, since he's never really lived in Scotland, just visited family.
In which case, I'm contemplating if that means we should incorporate African culture in to the wedding since he did actually live there?  That's apparently a no-go, too.  

But, let's be honest, wouldn't it just be the coolest thing to see all the men coming in to the Church sporting traditional Scottish kilts?

Maybe, I'm the only one that would love it?

Since we've nixed the kilt, I thought I would post some old pictures from the 2010 Scottish Highland Games held annually at Stone Mountain.
I went with the Smiths, it was so much fun.
I even had my first try of haggis.... I loved it!  I couldn't wait to try the real thing.

Our shirts reflect the flag of Scotland.
The Smith Clan.


  1. Such an adorable post...it's amazing how small minded some people can be (although it would be quite funny if you convinced everyone he wasn't going to sport a kilt and then on the wedding day, tada!) I found your blog via Mackey Madness today, too cute! Hope you are having a wonderful week and Happy Wednesday!
    Twirling Clare

  2. I love your blog!!! 8) Consider me your newest follower!!

    Sunni Dae

  3. Oh I love this!! Please Duncan wear a kilt! At least dress up and do a fashion post on here for us!? hahah. Not happening I know!


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