12 January 2012

Thursday Latelies

The book I'm reading: The Anthrax Letters - A Bioterrorism Expert Investigates the Attack that Shocked America.

P.S. though I said my stuff was ruined, It wasn't!  I thought it was as soon as I discovered the pool of water, but the electronics weren't damaged!  (Good thing I buy protective cases!)

I have no idea why I'm so frazzled lately!  Maybe I just need a good night's rest.  It has been just one of those weeks mentally, I'm sure we all have those!

Have a wonderful day =)


  1. Love love love how I met your mother! :) And the clock is gone this week! ha. And that book is so up your alley! Love it.

  2. wow, maybe i should start buying protectives because things like that could happen to anyone. so lucky!
    p.s. you are adorable!
    xo TJ


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