14 January 2012

Sometimes & Always #4

Sometimes I think that people think that Duncan and I are in an unhappy relationship when they see how we act in restaurants : we hate PDA and we often are on our phones with conversations in between.

Always do I remind myself that sometimes you can't judge a book by it's cover.  You see, we tell each other anything and everything, we share dreams and thoughts, both positive and negative.  He's my best friend and he often makes me laugh.  So, sometimes, when we get to a restaurant for a "date," we just kind of want to sit there in peace, doing our own thing because life tends to be so busybusyrushrush and at restaurants we are able to sit, think, and catch up on emails or blogs.  I mean, we most likely had a long, in depth conversation in the car ride there, anyways!

Sometimes I wish there were more padded shirts or something of the sort because sometimes I just would prefer to not wear a bra.

Always do I prefer to wear full-coverage panties (no, not granny panties, the cute bikini cuts).

Sometimes I want to send out snail mail to loved ones.

Always do I get totally thrilled to receive nonjunk snail mail and emails.

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  1. I get SO SO excited getting real mail, too!! My friend actually sent me a card and I got it today and I was SO happy!!

    Thanks for linking up with me, Amy!!


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