24 January 2012

Smurfette, Feathers, & the Forgotten Button

So I bought these very Smurfette-colored tights for dirt cheap and really wanted to get creative with them.  They matched perfectly with my checkered button up (please ignore my lack of buttoning up, I was in a hurry to get out the door hence the forgotten button, messy hair, and indoor shots).  See my new grey boots?  I love them!  They were like $30 at Steinmart (have I mentioned that I refuse to buy shoes for more than $30 a pair?).  And then my lovely gold necklace made me so happy that day.  

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. i . want. your. hair. give me your hair :)

  2. your so pretty!!! (: I'm your newest follower!! Follow me back??(:

  3. Love the boots! LOVE. And yes I agree with chels. I want your hair please and thanks!


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