27 January 2012

Meet Lot from Cake Memoirs!

Hello, my lovely friends! I am here to introduce you to the crafty and talented Lot from CakeMemoirs!  I'm not going to do much of an introduction, because I wanted her to do one for you.  With Valentine's Day coming up, she offered a charming little DIY craft tutorial for you all -- and it is so unique and adorable!  I hope you enjoy!

I am so honored to be writing on TheCharmingBlog.com. My name is Lot, I live in Amsterdam (Holland) with my husband and my little boy, Eli. I blog over at CakeMemoirs about my favourite baked goods recipes, crafts. I also love doing (blog-related) tutorials about statistics, photoshop, Etsy, etc. and make freebie graphics (which I'm loving more every day). Today I will be showing you how you can make a valentine's day card showing a t-shirt with a label saying 'you're the perfect fit for me'. I have also provided you with some resources that you can print out to use for this. 

I created 3 versions of the label because I know that not all of us have the same amount of time and/or energy to put into this. And also I don't know about you, but when I first started dating my then boyfriend (who is now my husband) I really loved red roses and valentine's day. Now 4 years, a mortgage, a pregnancy, a baby, etc. later I am more accepting of smaller gestures on Valentine's day. Which is why I have given you the option to go all out or to take the easy road.

Let's get started. First, download and print out the package that contains all the files: DOWNLOAD FROM HERE (Please do note that these are for your personal use only and are not to be distributed.) The file is a zip file, if you need the free software to unpack it click here

You will see two files:
1. t-shirt (called CakeMemoirs_perfectfit_tshirt.pdf)
2. labels (called labels_perfectfit.jpg)

There are 3 labels here: 
1. faux needlework that you print out and stick on with glue;
2. label with just text that you can sew onto the t-shirt picture
3. transfer paper label that you print out on transfer paper and then iron onto a piece of cloth which you then sew onto the t-shirt picture

Easy peasy right? Hope you had fun crafting, printing, ironing and sewing. 


Have a crafty weekend!


  1. This is so sweet! Lot makes the cutest graphics!

  2. She is so talented!! I got to check out your post on her blog and you are equally amazing- I'm so inspired by the both of you!

  3. you guys are really too nice. To counter this, may I point out here how atrocious (love that word) my sewing skills are. I am deeply ashamed ;)


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