05 January 2012

Honorable Mentions

I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs that are my absolute must-reads.  I love some of them so much that I decided to sponsor them!  I think I might do this every so often because there are so many lovely blogs out here.  For today, I would like to introduce you to these two darling ladies:

Megan of Mackey Madness
She is so sweet, adorable, and incredibly generous.  You can tell her love of her faith and her new husband are some of the strongest influences in her life.  She's originator of the "Sometimes & Always" posts and co-behind the ornament exchange that I took part in back in November/December.  Her Sometimes & Always posts are definitely a reflection of her fun, quirky personality.  Check her out here.

Ashley of Adventures of Newlyweds

I was introduced to Ashley by Megan and quickly found we had a lot in common.  She's also a Georgia girl, attended the same university as myself, is a fellow Nikonian, and just recently adopted a puppy.  Her and her husband, Jonathan, are traveling around the country for his work as a travel physical therapist.  She has a great sense of humor and is quite crafty with her own small business Fetch & Co (how adorable is that name?).  Check her out here.

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