16 January 2012

Before & After

About two years ago, it came to my attention by my dentist at the time that there was an oral surgery that has both health and cosmetic benefits.  After explaining it to me, I was sold.  If there was one thing I could change about myself, this surgery would do it.  If fact, to be fair, there has been only one thing that I wanted to change about my physical appearance (or at least something that I couldn't do on my own).  I have no interest in breast implants, liposuction, botox, etc (though it's not like I need that stuff, anyways!).  I do believe God created me in His image and likeness and that I am beautiful to Him.  

However, I have been self-conscious about this one attribute: my gummy smile.  And with my wedding coming up, I really wanted to be able to have a big beautiful smile with out being self-conscious.  So, I booked a surgery date on January 3rd.

There are several different names for the type of surgery.  I was originally told it would be a gingivectomy, but the term that the oral surgeon I picked uses "crown lengthening."

Here are some sample images from the Internet of before and after shots: 

On January 3rd, my mom and I went in and about 1.5 hours later, I walked out.  They gave me three prescriptions, including Vicodin and Ibuprofen 600mg (the highest dose you can receive over the counter is 500mg).  I took the Vicodin that day prophylactically because, as a nursing student, I was aware that an oral medication takes 30-60 minutes to take affect and, remembering my wisdom teeth surgery, I was not wanting to feel what I expected would be incredible pain just hours after the surgery.  However, I never took another Vicodin after that.  I felt no pain, ever.  New technology for the procedure helped reduce the amount of pain I had.  Other than slight bleeding and not being able to brush my teeth for a week, I had no pain (except some nausea from accidentally swallowing blood since I was advised to not spit). 

So many people have complimented on my new smile.  I am so happy to have more of my teeth showing!  I always love beautiful with big beautiful teethy smiles (yes, envy is an enemy, but I was!).  There are also health benefits, but my main concern was the cosmetic.  So here you go, my own before and after shots:

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