02 January 2012

2011 Recap & Looking Forward

Hello, friends!

I wanted to share a quick recap of my 2011.  It was a big year for many reasons and filled with more challenges than any other year prior.

Yes, I could easily list my top tens.
In fact, here they are in chronological order:
1. Starting the nursing program.
2. Visiting a friend in Texas - it was a great trip and kind of a fun self-discovery experience.
3. Getting engaged.
4. My birthday.
5. Duncan's graduation.
6. Our European holiday.
7. An amazing day in Venice with Duncan and good friends of ours. 
8. Having Mass with my future husband inside the Church of our faith (St. Peter's Basilica).
9. Being in the OR (and seeing some pretty amazing things that possible only a dorky nursing student like me would love) at the only major trauma one hospital within a large radius (I want to say 90 miles, but I'm not positive).
10. Wedding planning accomplishments (which really took place over the course of several months).  Getting things done early was such a major blessing in so many ways. 

But part of what made 2011 a big year was some of the challenges and the lessons that I learned.  I learned so much about myself and about where I am heading.  I am continually blessed in my life, especially by the people who surround me.  In one year, almost everything I thought I knew about my future was changed.  My path was rerouted and amended as necessary.  I had written a post last week detailing part of my story, but with all of the happy holidays, I decided to hold off.  I think I will be sharing it soon because of some of the lessons that I learned and wanted to share with you.

With all of that said, I know that 2012 will be an even bigger year.  Duncan and I were talking about how we've changed since when we first met, and I told him I don't necessarily think there's been a lot of big changes, just maturing of some personality traits.  I believe that 2011 and 2012 will be my two years of major maturing.  Now, I wouldn't necessarily say I'm immature, but I definitely believe that my thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives on life are being challenged, tested, and tugged at to make me a better person when I come out.

So, 2012.  I'm looking forward to meeting you and all the lessons you have to teach me.  I know it will be an amazing year.  I am marrying my very best friend and becoming united as one under our glorious Lord.  But, there are so many other things that will make this year a very defining one for me as an individual as well as for me as a part of a "we."  

Bring it on, 2012.

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  1. I just found your blog Amy and I think it's so charming. Just from your first post alone on recapping 2011 I can see we have some things in common except I'm sort of a year ahead :) In 2010 I got engaged, did my wedding plans, started nursing school, went in the OR (so amazing!), and started planning our European honey moon. I so look forward to reading what else you have to say. I just started my own blog and I can't wait til it's as nice as yours. Happy New Year!


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